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Letter: Ban shorts on campus

There is one problem on campus that is frequently overlooked. This problem has caused many potential Honor Code violations, relaxed standards and, if left unchecked, may lead to further decay in our moral principles. This problem is the wearing of shorts on campus.

Although shorts have become commonplace in society, they lead to detraction from the learning environment that BYU is striving to provide. They may lower our body heat, but is wearing shorts really worth lowering your personal standards? Our dress should reflect the moral commitment of the university.

BYU-Idaho’s dress code doesn’t permit shorts or even capris. Their dress code promotes an environment for higher learning in a wholesome environment.

When a university permits the wearing of knee-length shorts, it seems the knee keeps getting higher and higher. Where are we going to draw the line?

Do we need to go back to a time where people kneel on the ground to see if their shorts are long enough? Do we need to have a lower standard than BYU-Idaho? No, we need to abolish the wearing of all shorts on campus.

Jeremy Hindman
Baker City, Ore.