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New Heritage Halls for BYU

Photo by Carolyn Carter. Construction for new BYU housing has begun.

Four new buildings, two of which will be filled by this fall, will house nearly 800 students as an extension of Heritage Halls.

The buildings are being constructed on the site of the former Deseret Towers.

The dorm feeling of Deseret Towers is being replaced with apartment-like housing, giving students a two- or three-bedroom option, with kitchen, living room and dining area, according to the BYU on-campus housing website.

Some students said they have mixed feelings about making Helaman Halls the last remaining dorm experience.

Ryan Boyce, a senior from St. George majoring in math, said he liked his Deseret Towers experience as a freshman because of the amount of people he got to know who had different interests. The layout of a DT floor made it so students had close contact with dozens of people.

Though some of the social aspects may decrease with the new housing, Boyce said there were frustrations with not having a kitchen, as it seemed to restrict students’ eating schedules.

“I would rather have lived in Heritage,” Boyce said. “I was mad that I couldn’t make food in my apartment.”

The cost to live in the new four-story complexes will be more than Heritage, according to a Campus Accommodations e-mail, though costs have not been finalized.

Newer buildings, furnishings and equipment result in higher rates, which will be comparable to rates paid at Helaman Halls.

Some incoming freshmen have faced difficulties with lack of on-campus housing after Deseret Towers’ destruction.

Taylor Stacey, a freshman from Alpine studying public health, said she barely made it into Helaman Halls, but knows friends who didn’t.

“They were frustrated because they wanted to be with their friends,” Stacey said.

The new housing will erase this issue, said Julie Franklin, director of Residence Life.

“There will be ample spaces for students who want on-campus housing this fall,” Franklin said in an e-mail.

Franklin also said of the two buildings that will be available this fall, the women’s building will be slightly larger. The buildings will receive numbers 25-28, corresponding with Heritage Halls management, though Campus Accommodations anticipates the buildings should eventually receive names like the other Heritage buildings.